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Power Cartridges

Its product range includes power cartridges, rocket motors and canopy-fragilisation systems for the safe ejection of pilots from aircraft. UK firm, Martin Baker, also licensed PMP to produce escape systems for fighter aircraft and helicopters. 

Cutting Charges


  • Sheath Material - Lead, Aluminium
  • Explosive - RDX, HMX, HNS
  • Charge (g/m) - 9 - 120 grams per
  • (Other materials and specifications possible, according customer requirement)


  • Cable cutting
  • Aircraft canopy cutting
  • Bomb disposal
  • Activation of fire extinguishing systems

Detonating Cord


  • Sheath Material - Aluminium, Lead, Silver
  • Explosive - RDX, HMX, HNS
  • Diameter (OD) - 1,18 - 10,00mm
  • (Other materials and specifications possible, according to customer requirement)


  • Aircraft Canopy Embrittlement
  • Rocket / missile stage separation
  • Satellite launching
  • Linear gas generators
  • Shock transmission over long distances

Fire Extinguisher and Cable Cutter

Initiation of Fire extinguishing systems in:

  • Aircraft
  • Maritime Vehicles
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Buildings
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