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Primer components are manufactured from 70/30 brass. All primer compositions are lead styphnate based and of anti corrosive type. The primer range consists of the following: 

  • Boxer types for commercial ammunition
  • Boxer type for military ammunition
  • Berdan types for military ammunition
  • Electronic primers

Boxer PrimerBoxer Primers for Commercial Ammunition

Small Pistol Magnum:
9mm Luger; 9mm Short; 6,35mm; .38 Special; 0.40 S&W; .38 S&W Colt N.P.; .357 Magnum; 7,65mm

Large Pistol Magnum:
.44 Remington Magnum & .45 Auto

Small Rifle Magnum:
.223; .222 & .22-250

Large Rifle Magnum:
.243 Win; .270 Win; .308 Win; .30-06 Springfield; .300 Win Mag; .303 British; .375 H&H Mag; .458 Win Mag; 6mm Musgrave; 7x64; 7mm Mauser; 7mm Rem Mag; .2
2-250 Remington

Boxer Military PrimersBoxer Military Primers

7,62mm: 7,62mm x 51 & 7,62mm x 39

5,56mm: 5,56mm x 45

12,7mm: 12,7mm x 99 & 12,7mm x 76

9mm: 9mm x 19

20mm: 20mm x 139

20mm MG151: 20mm x 82

35mm: 35mm x 228 all types

Berdan Military PrimersBerdan Military Primers

7,62mm: 7,62 mm x 51 & 7,62mm x 39

5,56mm: 5,56 mm x 45

12,7mm: 12,7 mm x 99 & 12,7mm x 76

9mm : 9 mm x 19

Cone-pak - distributed by Maxplo Pty Ltd

A directional cartridge for controlled secondary rock blasting. Pre-assembled ready for use, it saves time in placing charges by unskilled personnel.

The design is such that most of the explosive force is directed into the boulder with a minimum of energy escaping in any direction hence avoiding damage to underground installations such as water pipes, air lines and support screens.


Detonators for medium caliber ammunition consists of an aluminium cup filled with a primary and a secondary explosive. These detonators are used in all types of fuzes for 20, 23, 30 and 35 mm ammunition and mining initiators.


Boosters for medium caliber ammunition consists of a steel body and an aluminium closing cup. It is filled with the high V.O.D. explosive HMX. These boosters are used in all types of fuzes for 20, 23, 30 and 35 mm ammunition.

Primary Explosives

The following primary explosives are manufactured:

  • Lead Styphnate
  • Lead Azide
  • Tetrazene
  • Transport and packaging conforms to UN requirements.


The following pyrotechnic compositions are manufactured:

  • Igniting, transfer and tracing compositions for small and medium caliber ammunition.
  • Incendiary compositions for small arms and medium caliber ammunition.

Secondary High Explosives

  • The following secondary high explosives are manufactured:
  • Hexoplast-4 for boosters and detonators
  • Hexal P30 for shell filling
  • Hexal P18 for shell filling
  • High explosive substitute (HES) for use in TP and TP/T ammunition
  • Transport and packaging conforms to UN requirements.

Chemical / Explosive Laboratory

  • Highly sophisticated laboratory with the necessary equipment to analyse a wide range of chemicals and explosives.
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophometry
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  • Thermo Graphic Analysis
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Compatibility tests
  • Impact and Friction Sensitivity
  • Wet Chemical Analysis

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