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8 December 2016

Advanced versions of Denel PMP’s iNkunzi PAW semi-automatic weapon, deployed to destroy high-value targets especially in urban warfare, have now become available on the global markets.

The iNkunzi – “bull” – is regarded as one of the most effective personal area weapons in the world and there is already interest among prospective clients to acquire the product.

Phaladi Petje, the CEO of Denel PMP, says the iNkunzi PAW was designed to meet the needs of the modern combat soldier who requires a light weight, yet highly effective, personal area weapon. It is carried by a single soldier and fired from the shoulder.

The new version – iNkunzi PAW A2 – contains a number of upgrades to improve the weapon’s stability and accuracy. A rotary magazine replaces the old box cartridge cassette which improves the balance of the weapon and adds to its efficiency. The gas operated recoil system was also replaced by a new inertia-operating system.

Petje says the iNkunzi PAW is a highly accurate weapon that is best deployed in modern urban warfare conditions. It can also be used in rural or jungle combat terrains at distances of up to 1 000 metres.

The semi-automatic weapon fires 20mm bursting ammunition from a rotary magazine, holding six rounds. It is widely respected as being a force multiplier and is highly effective against thin-skinned vehicles, command posts, machine-gun nests and radar installations.

Petje says there is already international interest in the upgraded version of the iNkunzi PAW and PMP is exploring further markets for the weapon and the ammunition.

Another version, the iNkunzi Strike was recently launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition – AAD 2016 – in Tshwane. The iNkunzi Strike has been integrated into a remotely operate weapon station – SDROW – developed by Mechatronics, a division of Denel Vehicle Systems.

The integrated weapon system combines explosive power and accuracy in a compact package. The weapon and camera are mounted on the outside of the vehicle but fired by a single operator located inside. It can fire up to 350 rounds a minute using the same 20X42mm bursting ammunition.

Petje says PMP is also busy with the development of a tripod for the iNkunzi Strike which will enable forces to fire high volume bursts from outside the vehicle.


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