Brass and Copper Products The PMP foundry and rolling mill is the leader in South Africa in terms of advanced technology and quality.
Medium Calibre Ammunition The medium calibre range consists of the following:
20 x 42mmB ; 20 x 82mm ; 20 x 139mm ; 30 x 113mmB ADEN ; 30 x 113mmB DEFA ; 30 x 173mm ; 35 x 228mm
Small Arms Military Ammunition The small arms range consists of the following:
9 x 19mm ; 5,56 x 45mm ; 7,62 x 51mm ; 12,7 x 99mm
Sporting Ammunition PMP manufactures a wide range of sporting and hunting ammunition for target shooting, hunting and self defense.
Detonics This product range consist of Primers, Detonators, Boosters and Explosives.
Mining Products An increasing number of products are also on offer to the mining industry for secondary blasting and rock drilling.
Power Cartridges & Cutting Charges This line consists of Cutting Charges, Detonating Cords , Fire Extinguishing Cartridges, 30 mm Re-arming Cartridges,System Initiators and Aircraft Canopy Fragilization Systems.


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