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Primer components are manufactured from 70/30 brass. All primer compositions are lead styphnate based and of anti corrosive type.

The primer range consists of the following:

Boxer Primers

Small Pistol Magnum 9mm Luger; 9mm Short; 6,35mm; .38 Special; 0.40 S&W; .38 S&W Colt N.P.; .357 Magnum; 7,65mm
Large Pistol Magnum .44 Remington Magnum &              .45 Auto
Small Rifle Magnum .223; .222 & .22-250
Large Rifle Magnum .243 Win; .270 Win; .308 Win; .30-06 Springfield; .300 Win Mag; .303 British; .375 H&H Mag; .458 Win Mag; 6mm Musgrave; 7x64; 7mm Mauser; 7mm Rem Mag; .22-250 Remington

CONE-PAK - distributed by MAXPLO (PTY) LTD

A directional cartridge for controlled secondary rock blasting.

Pre-assembled ready for use, it saves time in placing charges by unskilled personnel.

The design is such that most of the explosive force is directed into the boulder with a minimum of energy escaping in any direction hence avoiding damage to underground installations such as water pipes, air lines and support screens.

A full range of models are available to suit most boulder sizes and types: